Monday, March 15, 2010

Overwhelming Beauty

I was in Monterey, California this past weekend and was overwhelmed by the stunning beauty of Point Lobos Nature Reserve, a few miles south of Monterey. On a windy, rainy afternoon, I virtually had this gem to myself. The photo of Point Lobos is from its web site.

I hiked in ancient cypress groves, viewed sea lions lounging on a large rock, heard the violent pounding of the surf against the rocks, and saw ocean spray shooting up like a geyser from the collision of wave and shore. It was one of the most amazing coastal scenes I've ever seen.

This dramatic scenery evoked a deep sense of gratitude for the wondrous creation we have been given as a gift. I now understand what the term "tree hugger" means-- you can become so moved by the loveliness of these awesome cypress trees that you want to hug them!

Being in a place of such tremendous beauty feeds the soul. You just want to say "thank you" to its Creator and Source.

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