Friday, January 15, 2010

Where Is God in the Earthquake?

The horrendous and tragic earthquake in Haiti demonstrates the awesome and destructive power of nature. Not for a second do I believe that God deserves any blame for this natural disaster or any other disaster.

When the earthquake hit Haiti two days ago wreaking its havoc, God's heart was the first of our hearts to break. Where is God in this earthquake? God is with those who are suffering from it. What is God doing? God is working through the thousands of persons who are working to alleviate the suffering by sending aid or by being there as a relief worker.

Yes, God is the creator of all that is, including the forces that lead to earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes. But God's intention for creation is not for destruction and death, but for thriving and life.

Here's how I understand these events of "natural evil." The same conditions and forces that lead to earthquakes and other disasters are necessary for life to exist at all. All the forces that enhance life-- rain, wind, geologic forces, water-- have the possibility of coming together in random and destructive ways. God did not create the destruction, but created these natural forces to sustain life.

It was out of chaos that God brought order and life. God is still creating order out of chaos. As co-creators with God we have a responsibility to do our part in helping rebuild and heal when disaster strikes. For God has created humans with gifts of compassion, skill and resources. It's a critical time to put these gifts to good use.

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  1. THank you for your comments. It is hard to accept the destructive aspects of the world. It is easy to feel helpless in light of such a calamity as the earthquake in Haiti. How is such suffering acceptable to an all powerful god? I guess we can only surrender to the unknown, whether you call that the will of God or the nature of things as they are. May God bless all those who are suffering.