Monday, January 11, 2010

Joyful Skiing

I just returned from a day of skiing at Santa Fe Ski Basin. The day was glorious-- sunny and in the 30's. While they need more snow to open all the runs, there was plenty of base (32 inches) to cover most slopes. The photo on the right was taken at the ski area by Kyle Webb.

What I love about skiing is the sense of freedom it offers. When I'm skiing well, I feel as if I'm floating down a white slope with no end in sight. One person I skiing with once said skiing felt like "dancing with the mountain."

Skiing can be a soul nourishing experience. When I lose myself in skiing, it's almost like a moving meditation. Another skiing friend said when he was skiing well he had a sense of "flow"-- an effortless and joyful experience. Of course, you do have to watch out for hazards and other skiers.

Even riding the lift was enjoyable. I was able to view several peaks, including two that I have hiked to: Deception Peak and Lake Peak. Just being in a place of such beauty and serenity is well worth the $60 lift ticket.

Skiing is a form of play and can be spontaneous and joyful. Each of us needs to discover those things that bring us joy. Joy is a giveaway clue to what feeds our souls.

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