Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whether Weather is Good for the Soul

We've been enjoying spectacular weather this week in Connecticut. After a violent northeaster blew out to sea on Saturday, we've had a string of unusually warm and sunny days. This weather has enhanced my enjoyment of being outdoors to hike and row.

Fair weather is good for being outdoors, but I've been wondering how weather affects the soul. On the one hand, good weather enables more enjoyment of outdoor activities. On the other hand, fair weather enables us to stay in our comfort zone.

Spending too much time in our comfort zone may not be beneficial for the soul. Our souls often expand and grow by challenges that push us outside of our comfort zone. While foul weather is usually only an irritation, it can become a challenge-- especially when weather becomes dangerous or violent.

My goal is to appreciate all types of weather and to see the benefit in sun and rain, wind and calm, storm and fair weather. Foul weather enables us to appreciate fair weather. Foul weather also forces us indoors to engage in activities we might not otherwise do, such as reading, writing, meditating or cleaning. Since any activity can have a spiritual dimension, variety is good for the soul.


  1. Bad weather can be more than an irritation.

    I think if a person is directly affected by the weather, such as too much rain leading to a flood, I'm not so sure it would effect the soul in a positive way.

    However, those who help those in their time of need would feel a strong sense of community and well being, which in turn would help those affected feel a sense of hope.

    Both potentially "soul positive".

    We know that the victim's side of a situation like this is out of their comfort zone.

    We also know that the on volunteer's side, while it may be "in the C zone" for them, it is never enough to fix the whole problem.

    Soul positive or negative?

    Does weather have the power to destroy lives, as well as restore them?

    Variety is good for the soul, but there is also too much of good thing.

  2. You don't always have the option of staying in in terrible weather. I've frozen on a train platform in the snow waiting for a much delayed train to appear, wondering if I could stand it another minute. I've also been caught in downpours in NYC, wind blowing so hard the umbrella inverted and broke, drenched to the core, trying to jump huge puddles at curbs. Hard to find a spiritual dimension here unless it is misery loves company and I'm channeling Job.

  3. Yes, very bad weather can be soul-sapping and destructive. My comments apply to non-extreme weather. Thanks for these corrective comments.