Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'd Like To Hear From You...

If you are a regular or new reader of this blog, I'd like to hear your comments, suggestions and questions!

To comment on a blog entry, click on "comment" at the bottom of the blog post. You will need to choose a "User Profile" (a form of ID) to use in commenting, or you can comment anonymously. Signing up for a google account is the simplest way to sign in. This option is offered by clicking on the "Follow" icon that I'll explain next.

To become a follower of this blog, simply click on the "Follow" icon on the right margin. You will have to sign in using gmail, AIM, Yahoo, Netlog or OpenID. If you don't have any of these accounts, you can easily sign up for a free google account. You are given this option under "Follow." If you don't want to be a public follower, you can choose to follow privately. The advantages of being a follower is that you are notified whenever I post a new entry.

I'd like this blog to become a forum for discussing "active spirituality" and would love to know what feeds your soul. So, take the leap into the blogosphere! Who knows? This might lead to launching your own blog...

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